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Mechanical Repairs and Log Book Serving

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Caloundra Car Repair and Servicing Center

If you’re looking to get your vehicle serviced or repaired in Caloundra, then trust the professional at All Cars Garage to complete all you’re engine servicing and repair needs. From minor engine repairs, through to full engine rebuilds, we offer a complete engine repair and servicing solution.

We service and repair all makes and models of cars, such as family cars, commercial vehicles, bikes and scooters, and even high performance luxury vehicles such as Audi, Mercedes and BMW.

We can even complete regular logbook servicing on your vehicle without effecting your new car warranty! And we can provide your car with the TLC it needs at a highly competative rate, giving you a real alternative than having your vehicle serviced at a dealership.

Local Caloundra mechanic

New car log book servicing in Caloundra

New Car Log Book Servicing

All Cars Garage is fully licenced and accredited to be able to perform the scheduled Log Book Servicing of your new car, without effecting your new car warranty.

We can also professionally service any make and model of car, to keep them running like new well past their warranty period.

Caloundra engine repairs and mechanical servicing

Engine Repairs and Maintenance

From minor adjustments to your engines mechanical components, to head gaskets and timing belt replacements, we offer a full range of engine repair services.

We can repair the motor in all makes and models of vehicles, ensuring they are safe, reliable and running smoothly.

Full engine rebuilds and upgrades

Engine Rebuilds and Modifications

We offer a complete engine rebuild service that will recondition your engine and get it back to it’s peak performance and reliability. By installing recognized brands and quality components, you can be confident that your engine rebuild will give you a smooth and reliable vehicle for years to come.

If you’re looking to increase the performance of your current vehicle by getting engine modifications and upgrades, then we have you covered with one of the best high performance engine modification services on the Sunshine Coast.