Caloundra Suspension, Clutch and Brake Repair Specialist

Repairing and Servicing all Brake, Clutch and Suspension systems

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Professional Brake, Clutch and Suspension Services in Caloundra

Here at All Cars Garage we offer a comprehensive under-body maintenance and repair service for all types of vehicles, including family cars, motorbikes, light trucks, 4WD’s and SUV’s, and even high performance sports cars and luxury vehicles.

From full suspension rebuilds and upgrades, minor and major break repairs, through to a complete replacement of the clutch assembly of your vehicle, you will have peace of mind knowing that your car has been serviced by a qualified mechanical professional.

Caloundra Suspension Repairs and Upgrades

Caloundra Suspension Upgrades and Repairs

Suspension Repairs and Upgrades

The suspension of your car plays a vital role in the ride comfort and safety of your vehicle. Broken or worn springs, struts and shock absorbents can upset the balance and integrity of your vehicles supension system.

We offer a full suspension inspection, maintenance and repair service that will overhaul and maintain your vehicles suspension system. And if you’re looking to upgrade your vehicles suspension components, we can design an ideal system that suits your needs.

Brake Repairs and Servicing

Having your brakes serviced on a regular basis gives you the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will stop when you need it to. We can professionally service your cars braking system ensuring your safety.

We can also replace worn brake disc’s, pad’s and calipers to make sure that when you need it most, your vehicle has all the stopping power it needs.

Clutch Repairs and Replacement

Is your clutch feeling a little spongy? When you change gears do you hear a grinding noise? If so, your clutch may need replacing.

We can repair the clutch on your car and have you driving away smoothly using high quality parts and being installed by a professional.