Caloundra Road Worthy Certificates and Safety Insections

Get your vehicle certified, or have a vehicle inspected for safety

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Caloundra Roadworth Compliance Certificates

Get your car certified to be able to be registered on Queensland’s roads by a professional roadworthy inspection expert.

We can fully check over your vehicle and determine it’s roadworthy condition, and supply all the documentation you require to be submitted to the Queensland Department of Transport to get your car registered and driving on the roads.

Caloundra vehicle road worthy certificates and vehicle safety inspections

Qualified vehicle inspections and roadworthy certificates in Caloundra

Fully Qualified Vehicle Inspection & Certification

All Cars Garage is a an Approved Inspection Station (AIS) under Queensland Transport certifications.

With a qualified vehicle inspector on premises, road worthy certificates haven’t been any easier. Make a booking and the vehicle can be inspected while you wait. If further repairs are required to meet Queensland safety laws, a brake down of repairs will be arranged and quoted for you.

Get your vehicle certified with a road worthy certificate and compliance check in Caloundra

Queensland Roadworthy Certificates

Motor vehicles up to 4.5T $88
Trailers and caravan’s $55

If trailers or caravans are fitted with gas, extra cost’s will be involved as a gas certificate is required, as well as a road worthy certificate.
A copy of a road worthy certificate and safety certificate blue label will be supplied upon a passed inspection.

Upon a failed road worthy, customers have 14 days to fix the issues and have vehicle reinspected.

Get a vehicle inspected for safety before purchasing in Caloundra

Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspections & Reports

Are you thinking about buying a second hand car? Would you like to have it fully inspected to be sure that it’s a quality vehicle before forking out your hard earned cash?

We offer a fully vehicle inspection service that will provide you with a condition report on a vehicle you bring to us, ensuring you end up with a safe, and value for money vehicle when you finally decide to buy.