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Caloundra Engine Repair and Servicing | Brake Clutch and Suspension Experts

All Cars Garage is a locally owned and opperated business supplying our customers with old fashioned service and quality workmanship. We offer a complete vehicle maintenance and repair service that will keep your car running smoothly and free from breakdowns.

We can also repair mechanical failures in your vehicle and have it back on the road as soon as possible, giving you back your freedom, and allowing you to get back to your daily life. We repair and maintain suspension and braking systems, clutch and gearbox components, as well as engine and mechanical repairs and servicing that won’t void your new car warranty!

If you’re looking for a Caloundra mechanic that will offer you the highest level of service and quality outcomes, then All Cars Garage is your one stop shop for everything from bumper to bumper in your car.

Mechanical Repairs and Servicing

We don’t always appreciate our vehicles until the day they break down or stop working correctly. Having your car regularly serviced by a mechanical professional will keep your vehicle running smoothly and not disrupt your busy lifestyle.

If the worst happens and your car is in need of mechanical repairs, the experts at All Cars Garage can take car of any mechanical maintenance your vehicle requires to get you back on the road.

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Clutch, Brakes and Suspension Services

The brake and suspension systems of your vehicle are an integral part of the safety and reliability of your car. If these systems are not kept in good working order, then the safety of your vehicle is at risk. Come see Caloundra’s brake and suspension experts to get your brakes and suspension serviced, repaired, or upgraded.

We also offer a full clutch and gearbox repair and maintenance service that will keep your vehicle moving along the roads instead of sitting beside them waiting for a tow truck!

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Air Conditioning Repairs and Servicing

Keeping cool in our hot and humid Queensland summers plays a major part in driver and passenger comfort. Any length of time spent in a car without functioning air conditioning can make the freedom of owning a car, into a nightmare.

We can fully service and repair the air conditioning system in your vehicle to keep the temperature to a more comfortable level, improving your driving experience and enjoyment.

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Roadworthy Certificate and Pre-purchase Check Overs

All vehicle’s need to be compliant to the Queenslands’ strict roadworthy safety standards. A roadworthy certificate is essential in making sure your vehicle can be on our busy roads.

At All Cars Garage we are fully licenced and accredited to be able to inspect vehicles and issue official safety compliance documents so that your car can be registered, and legally safe to be part of the road traffic on the Sunshine Coast.

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Have Your New Car Serviced Without Voiding The Factory Warranty!

Don’t go to an expensive dealership to get your new car serviced. Turn to the experts at All Cars Garage to professionally perform your new car log book servicing without voiding your new car waranty!

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Motovac Diesel Tune / EGR & Intake Cleaner

Greatly Improve the performance and fuel efficiency of your diesel vehicle without an expensive strip down of the motor and engine components. This system is suitable for all types of commercial and non-commercial diesel engines and takes as little as 1 HOUR!

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